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Different Designs of Hindu Wedding Cards

Marriage is considered to be one of the strongest and most loving in the Hindu culture. In the Hindu culture marriage beliefs correlate to seven lives joining the two souls and that is why every ceremony of marriage is held with heavy emphasis on commitment. Within the marketplace, available fabrics show off different emotions of joy and excitement. The Hindu wedding cards will have an attractive look with the right combination of fabrics.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Hindu wedding cards should be very pleasing to look at and should make the guest feel very warm and invited. There is a great deal of variety available with these cards that will properly convey your emotion and feelings. If you are looking to combine trendy and traditional styles, you can do it with these cards.

Simple Designs

Hindu cards should not only be straight forward, but they should also be graceful. These cards range in styles that will fit the budget of any couple. No matter if you want to welcome the bride’s family or offer warm sentiments to their leaving, there are cards available for each and every ritual portion of the wedding service. These cards will display each ritual and will clearly mention them.

Balance in the Cards

Add flavor to the invitations with the perfect mixture of words that will touch the hearts of your guests. It is very important to you convey the right message so that your guests will know how important it is to you for them to attend your special event.

Hindu wedding cards normally begin with the Ganesha Mantra. It goes like this:

“Vakratund Mahakaya, Suryakoti Samaprabhah
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva, Sarvakayeshu Sarvada”

The Hindu God of knowledge and Achievement is Lord Ganesha. His worshipers believe he is the remover of problems for them. Some Hindus will put photos of Radha and Lord Krishna. It is believed their relationship is connected through a love that is divine which is representative of how pure love is. Additionally followers show attachment and plenty of enthusiasm.

You can find many different kinds of wedding cards that can meet your budget and demand. These cards are made from high quality paper, ethnic cards, or pearl cards that have just the right quality, grain, and pattern. You can order wedding cards online and your event will be memorable for everyone in attendance. The bride and groom will be able to share their love with everyone.


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