Punjabi Marriage Cards

The wedding stationery checklist: getting the invite just right

There are two sides to the wedding planning coin when it comes to preparing invites; there is the panic and not knowing what to buy on one side, and the feeling of being overwhelmed and wanting every pretty card design in sight on the other side. Without proper planning, it is highly likely that you [...]

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Sikh Marriage Invites

Sikh marriage invites – The one wedding invitation you must choose

As soon as you decide to say yes to the biggest question in your life, you recognize there is a lot more to planning a wedding than just picking out a day, venue and dress. You will surely find yourself unexpectedly bombarded with one million things to do. The learning curve can be gigantic, but [...]

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Punjabi Marriage Invites

Punjabi marriage invites – the most exquisite among all

If you have organized a wedding celebration with the best possible food items, best possible decoration and venue, it all should certainly reflect through wedding cards that you send to your family, friends and relatives to invite them for the marriage. Generally, the Punjabi marriage cards are considered to be very colorful and the most [...]

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Silk wedding invites

Keep it classy with Sikh wedding invites

Every match made in heaven needs a wedding day that doles out elegance and vogue in spades. Wedding invites play an integral part in making this a reality. A unique wedding invite with resplendent details is on every soon to be wedded couple’s bucket list. Regal Cards takes up each invite project with the same [...]

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Punjabi wedding invites

Punjabi wedding invites- every invitation matters

When we think Punjabi Weddings, swanky, over the top and ostentatious are the staple notions. Wedding invites are that special medium we use to invite our loved ones and announce to the world about you decision. It is that treasured keepsake that will always rank amongst the top most special days of your life list. [...]

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Indian wedding invites

Indian wedding invites- everything should be done in style

We often hear people use the term the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Every big fat Indian wedding requires a wedding invite that matches its scale of elegance and style. It is that perfect medium that will announce to the world and your loved ones about your special day. The grandiosity of every Indian wedding is [...]

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Sikh Marriage Invites

Choosing Your Sikh Wedding Invitation

An Indian wedding is most often a joyous affair at which all the guests are made to feel like family and the planning and preparation begins months in advance. The wedding invitation is not just to announce the fact of the wedding and the date, but to let everyone know that their presence is requested [...]

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Punjabi Marriage Invitations

Punjabi Wedding Traditions

The Punjabi culture has grown and evolved over centuries of traditions. As a couple enters into their engagement, they participate in many activities to celebrate their commitment to a new marriage. Activities are planned through each part of their engagement, including an unofficial engagement ceremony called Rokka. Rokka is just one wedding tradition that has [...]

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Uphold Your Culture Traditions with Sikh Wedding Invitations

The wedding ceremony of a Sikhs couple is considered a very favorable event. A couple will base their ceremony around the cultural and values of their religion that play a vital part in the wedding. People born of this heritage are devoted religious individuals that are God-fearing. Their invitation should portray their culture and moralities [...]

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Wedding Invitation

Effects of the Internet for Online Purchase of Wedding Invitations

Couples today are faced with many options when they are in search of wedding invitations. They can opt to use the traditional method and choose a basic style at one of their local stores, or they can elect to use the latest method, which most of the people are using today; purchasing their wedding invitations [...]

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