How Multifaith Wedding Invitation Cards Differ from Religious Invites

Over the past century, we here at Regal Cards have seen a real shift in the types of wedding invitation cards which are being requested. When we first opened our doors for business in 1934, the vast majority of invitations we created were related to one’s faith, such as Sikh and Hindu wedding invitations and [...]

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Interfaith Wedding Card

We Supply Interfaith Wedding Card Designs in Various Printing and Layout Styles

Whether you are in the process of planning your wedding or will be planning your wedding soon, you will want to review our Sikh, Hindu and interfaith wedding card designs here at We believe it is important to use a “stationery” checklist to ensure that you are taking care of all the salient details [...]

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Interfaith Wedding Invitation Cards

Tips for Planning an Interfaith Wedding

There is no question that people from different religions fall in love all of the time. After all, love knows no bars, religion or caste. It is the language of love that unites a marriage; however, traditions and communities can sometimes make these types of marriages challenging. When you are trying to organize an interfaith [...]

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The best solution for Interfaith wedding invitations

Interfaith wedding invitations can be tricky with regard to cards and other regalia. With weddings becoming more stylish and elegant affairs, everyone desires exclusively customized cards for their weddings. In this context, finding cards for interfaith weddings can be problematic at times owing to limited choices at most online and offline stores and other retail [...]

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What You Should Know about Multi-faith Wedding Invitations

Multi-faith wedding invitations are becoming popular in the contemporary society. Liberation and the changing times are making people across the world one large family sharing a single religion of humanity. It is due to this compassion and openness that has made multi-faith marriages very popular in the contemporary society. People from different religions are coming [...]

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Things to Consider When Buying Interfaith Wedding Cards

Weddings are very important occasions for the people who take part in the event. This is because many people only get to wed once in their lifetimes. For this reason, the preparation that goes into organizing weddings are very serious because any wedding couple would not want anything to go wrong on this special day. [...]

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