Indian Wedding Cards: The Traditional Blended With Modern Style

Indian wedding cards should convey a lot more than just a date and time for the wedding. A wedding invitation can carry the bright and beautiful colors of the biggest festivals of the year, and you may even use the wedding invitation card as a style guide for the wedding. Do not be afraid to [...]

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Multifaith Wedding Invites

How to Select Wedding Invitations for Couples with Different Cultural Traditions

When a couple gets married, their ceremony is often centered around their religious and cultural beliefs. This is a special moment when they embrace their cultural traditions during the wedding. However, not all groom and bride-to-be come from the same cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs. Their traditions may vary, especially with the type of ceremony [...]

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Islamic Wedding Invites

How an Islamic Invite Can Help You Announce Your Special Day with Style

A wedding ceremony is a treasured event in a couple’s life, it is the ritual performed to bind two people together as man and wife. A special occasion when two individuals will start their journey as a married couple. With such a special day, it is important to plan the wedding of their dreams to [...]

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Multifaith Marriage Invites

Multifaith Marriage Invites for Your Wedding!

Multi faith marriage invites for your wedding are the ideal way to represent both the bride and the groom’s faith or belief system. Today you do not have to choose one faith or the other to be the focus of your wedding, you can do your wedding your way. Multi faith marriage invites are the [...]

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Interfaith Wedding Invites

Interfaith wedding invites – a beautiful consolidation of two faiths

Love has no boundaries and breaks the barriers of caste, social status and religion. When this culminates into marriage, it is truly an occasion to celebrate grandly! Planning an interfaith marriage needs to be done with a lot of care as there are various beliefs and sentiments that play a major role. An interfaith marriage [...]

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Top Tips for Planning Your Multifaith Wedding

Top Tips for Planning Your Multifaith Wedding

Are you and your finance of different faiths? Unsure as to how to plan your wedding or even send out Multifaith marriage cards when you have to include different faiths in your wedding to keep both families happy? There are tips that you can follow in order to plan this type of interfaith wedding and [...]

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Interfaith Marriage Invitations

How Will You Present Your Intended Interfaith Wedding to the World?

One of the biggest decisions you will make before your wedding is your save the date card, your wedding invitation, and when it comes to the matter of interfaith marriage invitations it can be confusing to choose the right scheme and colors to set the tone that you’re hoping for. There are many online sites [...]

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Interfaith Marriage Cards

Selecting Interfaith Marriage Cards

Interfaith marriage cards are designed to reflect the bonding between two people of the same faith. At Regal Cards, we offer wedding cards in a variety of different designs and patterns. Whether you are a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim or Christian, we have wedding cards that are designed exclusively for your big day! We understand that [...]

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Interfaith Marriage Invitation Cards

Interfaith Wedding Invitations

It is very common for wedding invitations to show the cultural and religious traditions of the couple going to be married. In today’s society, some people that get married are from different religious backgrounds. Luckily, you have the option of purchasing interfaith wedding invitations. You can get interfaith wedding cards that are still beautiful with [...]

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Why Couples Should Choose Themed Marriage Invitations

Themed marriage invitations are our specialty here at Regal Cards. In fact, we believe in the power of wedding invitations so strongly that we have dedicated ourselves to this craft for well over 80 years! We speak with couples on a regular basis, and many of them have a good idea of what they want [...]

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