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Boutique Indian Wedding Invitations

How to Create Boutique Indian Marriage Invitations on a Budget

When clients come to us here at Regal Cards, the one request which we hear the most often is for us to produce completely unique one-of-a-kind invitations which speak about the couple, their wedding, and their life together. This sounds like quite a large request, but it one which our design team is able to…

Elegant Indian Wedding Invitation Tapestry Scrolls

Indian Wedding Invitation Card Features Elegant Tapestry Type Scrolls

We enjoy the variety of invitations that we feature here at, especially when our Indian wedding invitation card is depicted in a scroll invitation design. Scrolls that are used for invitations for Indian weddings come in various sizes and designs, including small-sized scrolls, box scrolls, fabric scrolls, colored scrolls, high-end scrolls and only scroll…

Choosing Indian Wedding Cards

How to Choose Indian Wedding Invitations

Indian wedding invitations are very important in the Indian community. Apart from informing the guests about the upcoming wedding, they also reflect the taste and style of the wedding couple. A wedding invitation is a special request to honor the groom and the bride by attending their wedding. The wedding invitation also shows the union…

Wedding Invitation Cards

All about Wedding Invitation Cards

Invitation cards play an important role for your wedding. They inform your guests about your wedding. A wedding is an important party that marks the union between two individuals. Your wedding invitations serve the purpose of calling upon your friends, family members and even workmates to support you and come to witness your emotional attachment….

Beautiful Indian Wedding Cards Online

Buying Indian Marriage Cards Online – Essential Tips

Are you thinking about buying Indian marriage cards online? Here are some tips to help you avoid buyer’s remorse: Shop Around Well in Advance It takes time to plan a wedding, of course. And part of the reason why most people begin planning about a year in advance is that they need time to ensure…

Indian Gold Wedding Design Cards

The Unique Indian Wedding Invitations

Weddings bring out true love and passion. People are always intrigued by weddings, and they make him feel happy and surrounded by love. In the Indian culture, the celebration of love and a wedding begins as soon as the invitations are printed out. Punjabi wedding invitations are extremely special because it is the first time…

Indian Themed Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Invitations Give the First Impression

Make an epic first impression with classy and beautiful Indian wedding invitations created specifically for your wedding. Design, color and theme are three of the most important elements to include when creating the memorable and cherished invitations. Design The first statement made is felt within the passion of the wedding invitation design. Choose or create…