Considerations for Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

When it comes to wedding invitations you want to make a statement. Hindu wedding invitation cards come in a wide variety for you to choose from. We are talking colors, designs, themes and more. There is something for pickiest bride to choose from. The colors are bold and beautiful. They include deep reds, blues, greens [...]

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Hindu Marriage Cards: Opulent, Colorful and Symbolic

When it comes to Hindu marriage cards, the words to describe them are opulent, colorful and symbolic. They symbolize a very special day for the family and friends. The card is emblematic of the vivaah (wedding) and vivaah sanskar (wedding ceremony) to come. It therefore becomes very important to select the right symbols and designs [...]

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Different Designs of Hindu Wedding Cards

Marriage is considered to be one of the strongest and most loving in the Hindu culture. In the Hindu culture marriage beliefs correlate to seven lives joining the two souls and that is why every ceremony of marriage is held with heavy emphasis on commitment. Within the marketplace, available fabrics show off different emotions of [...]

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