Hindu Wedding Cards

Great Reasons To Choose Beautifully Detailed Hindu Wedding Cards

If you are planning an upcoming wedding event, consider some of these compelling reasons why brides-to-be should choose beautifully detailed Hindu inspired wedding cards instead of the usual marriage invitation cards sold on the market these days. Fabulous and vibrantly colored wedding cards are available in Hindu designs with unique sayings to add just the [...]

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Hindu Wedding Invite

Different Elements In A Hindu Wedding Invite

  In Hindu culture, wedding invites are known as nimantranpatra or Lagnapatrika that reflects the traditions and cultural values followed in the Indian society. These cards are used for pronouncing the marriage ceremony. The process of sending wedding invites to guests form a vital part of the ceremony. These cards are famous worldwide for their [...]

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Hindu Marriage Invites

Marriage Means Big Business in India

There is no doubt it when it comes to marriage in India it is big business. It starts with a multitude of pre-wedding parties and dinners and doesn’t end until well after the wedding with more of the same. While there may be the ultra-rich who go over the top with exotic locations, massive guest [...]

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Hindu Wedding Card

The Best Hindu Wedding Card Is Not Hard To Find!

If you’re preparing for your wedding, you must be a busy man/woman indeed! From running around and taking care of all the chores and bookings for the big day to compiling menus and guests lists, there is a whole lot to do with the D-Day nearing. However, at the very outset, you should have your [...]

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Hindu Wedding Invitations

Reflect Your Hindu Heritage on Your Wedding Day

When you get married, many people want their heritage to be an important factor. With a Hindu wedding, you know how important a celebration of the marriage is. A Hindu wedding has an emphasis on three very important values that are essential, which is harmony, happiness and growth. What better way to show your heritage [...]

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Your Big Day Starts Months in Advance

Every little girl dreams of that big once in a lifetime day; her wedding day. The bride wants to share her happiness with those around her by inviting her family and friends to share in this joyous occasion. Everybody knows that planning a wedding is hard work and done months if not years in advance. [...]

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Do Not Get Overwhelmed by the Many Choices for Wedding Invitations

Couples today have a very wide variety of options when it comes to wedding invitations. You both want to find the perfect invitation that speaks of your love. Many Indian couples wish to find an invitation that has symbols and a religious theme to them. This can make your search more difficult, but with the [...]

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What to Consider When Creating Hindu Marriage Invitation Cards

The proposal has been accepted, the wedding date has been set, and now the happy couple has the important task of selecting and sending out their Hindu marriage invitation cards. The invitation card serves more than telling people when and where the wedding will be held. It is the bearer of good and often highly [...]

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Hindu Marriage Invitation

Particulars Regarding the Hindu Marriage Invitation

A Hindu wedding is a fusion of love, celebrations and traditions. These are typically imperial and lavish affairs. The total number of guests at most of these weddings reaches up to 500. This means that in order to organize such a large and lavish occasion, the preparations have to be completed with attention and care. [...]

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How to Get the Best Hindu Wedding Cards

Just like with other communities, Hindu wedding cards invite guests to witness the union of the wedding couple and celebrate this special occasion in their lives with them. Hindu weddings are more than just a union of the two individuals. It represents an emotional attachment of the souls of the wedding couple for prosperity. This [...]

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