Benefits of Wedding Cards vs. Formal Invitations

Planning a wedding is an intricate process, and one of the many decisions you have to make is whether you want to send out wedding cards or formal invitations. The differences between the two types of announcements are not necessarily common knowledge, which makes the benefits of using cards under-appreciated. Cards, unlike wedding invitations, are specifically designed to include inserts. The card itself only announces the marriage, but does not necessarily serve as an invitation. You then decide which inserts go into which wedding card, an invitation to the wedding, an invitation to the reception, or whatever else you may want to include.

Cards Are Cheaper
Cards tend to be overall less expensive than formal invitations, which is always a priority when planning a wedding. This is not because they are lower quality; cards are often made of similar, high quality, stationary as formal invitations. However, with cards you get more included in one design. When creating wedding invitations, you have to design the actual invitation, and then if you want any additional inserts with information, it will cost extra. Then, you have to send out a wedding announcement after the wedding to inform those who weren’t invited about a name change and the marriage itself.

Cards, in contrast, perform all of these tasks in one simple envelope. When you buy a card it comes with a standard number of inserts (usually two) already, so you do not have to purchase them in addition. Since, with the proper inserts, the card can serve as an announcement and an invitation in one, you’re saving an entire other set of cards after the wedding as well.

They Provide More Flexibility
When you use a formal wedding invitation, you have to either put the same information on every card, or pay for separate sets. With cards, you have more options. The multiple insert design provides you with much more flexibility in what you put in each invitation, without the extra cost. Especially with the many different types of weddings that modern couples decide on, this can be a huge advantage. Through the use of the inserts, you can invite certain guests to the reception, invite others to the ceremony itself, or even a wedding breakfast. Simply place whichever inserts apply to each guest into their card, and do not include the others. This way, some guests can simply receive an announcement of the marriage, while others will receive their full invitation, all at no extra cost to you.

Wedding cards are a great choice for the modern couple with a lot of friends and family. In the age of social media, it provides a personal touch, but without breaking the bank.