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Be different by choosing scroll marriage invitations

Scroll Marriage Invitations

Scroll marriage invitations have become very popular these days due to the ever changing fashion and trends. Modernization has a very strong effect on it. One such fashion is in the turf of marriage invites. Scroll invites were used in the ancestral times but now they are again back in the market with a thump.

If there is one thing that every bride and groom wants more than anything else, that is something that will look different for their wedding. Everyone is looking to show off their personality and status or have something to talk about. So are you on a hunt to look for something that is elegant, classy and will catch everyone’s attention?

You surely don’t need to think much. Scroll marriage invitations is the answer for your wedding invites. They are simply gorgeous and can leave people talking about your big day. All these scroll marriage invites are elegant, classic and beautifully made. They can perfectly fit your elegant vintage theme and can also be used to adapt to suit any color of your marriage theme.

These scroll invites come in various patterns and designs, which are delicate, are made with vibrant colors and have amazing motifs. At Regal, we can easily customize your card depending on the theme you have in mind for your wedding. There are various materials to choose from when it comes to the cover of the card. You can select from velvet, satin, silk, handmade paper, etc. which can give a traditional as well as sophisticated look. You can also choose to get the content engraved or simply printed.

There are various types of scroll marriage invites to choose from. These include small size scrolls, extraordinary scrolls, box scrolls, only scrolls, traditional scrolls, fabric scrolls, wooden scrolls, theme scrolls, only scrolls, lengthy scrolls, modern style scrolls, colored scrolls, etc.


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