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American Wedding Cards Suitable for Any Sort of Design or Décor

American Wedding Cards

When you hear the phrase American wedding cards, you may think of the stock or standard designs. Heavy white paper with gold or silver embellishments and fancy script are what many envision when hearing that phrase, and yet there is a great deal more to the options in contemporary American wedding cards.

Consider the Trends

It takes only a few minutes on popular websites like Pinterest or Instagram to see that trends in modern wedding design go far beyond the basic white and precious metals theme. Today, it is not at all unusual to see American wedding cards that feature photos, gem-like hues of sapphire blue or jade rather than traditional creamy white, and themes as diverse as the beach, garden and geometric patterns or motifs.

How to Choose?

If you are just beginning to plan your wedding and you are eager to use one of the contemporary American designs or themes, it can feel a bit overwhelming to make your choices. To help you narrow it all down, just ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this wedding formal or casual?
  • When a wedding is a bit less formal, it might be fun to choose cards and invitations that let guests understand that right away. Low-key graphics, laid-back design and even a theme that suggests the idea of casual, such as a barnboard background with a suggestion of fairy or holiday lights as décor says, “formally casual”.

  • Do we have a specific color scheme already selected?
  • Whether you have some dresses selected or a few of the floral designs done, you can use them to inspire your choice in cards. Gold and black, rich blue and silver, black and white…you can go as basic as that and still choose cards and stationary for the wedding that is in full coordination with the design of the event space or reception.

  • Are we looking to really personalize the wedding?
  • If you are eager to have American wedding cards that are entirely on trend, why not opt to have the cards feature your photo? The best providers of wedding cards should have options that allow you to include a photo of yourself on the save the date or the invitations themselves. This could be a great way to set the stage and personalize the big day.

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