Indian Wedding Cards

The Importance Of Indian Wedding Cards

A wedding day is a special event in the life of every individual. Matches are supposed to be made in heaven and celebrated on Earth in the form of weddings. The bridegroom, the would-be bride and their families take every probable measure to make the occasion as blissful as possible.   The occasion starts with [...]

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Hindu Wedding Invite

Different Elements In A Hindu Wedding Invite

  In Hindu culture, wedding invites are known as nimantranpatra or Lagnapatrika that reflects the traditions and cultural values followed in the Indian society. These cards are used for pronouncing the marriage ceremony. The process of sending wedding invites to guests form a vital part of the ceremony. These cards are famous worldwide for their [...]

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Muslim Marriage Invites

Enhance Your Wedding Day with Custom Designed Muslim Invitations

A wedding day is a joyous occasion for everyone that attends the special event. It is a special time when family and friends will watch as the happy couple is united in marriage. A moment in the couple’s life that they want to be unforgettable for everyone that attends the affair. One way to accomplish [...]

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Exclusive Wedding Invitations

You can Define Your Wedding Style with the Right Invitations

You just got engaged and you are excited to start planning your wedding day. Maybe you have an idea of the style of wedding you want to have or you may be at a loss of where to begin. There are numerous decisions that you will be making about your wedding as you begin to [...]

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Exclusive Wedding Cards

Planning Your Wedding Starts with Selecting the Right Invitation

A wedding day is one of the most momentous moments in a person’s lifetime. When a couple becomes engaged, they dream of hosting an unforgettable event that will supply them with a lifetime of memories. From selecting the cake to the wedding dress, there are various details the couple will tend to when planning their [...]

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Designer Wedding Invitations

Announce Your Wedding in Style with Designer InvitationsAnnounce Your Wedding in Style with Designer Invitations

A wedding day is a special event in a couple’s life, it marks the beginning of their journey together as a married couple. When it comes to planning a wedding, people take the time they need to plan their special day out. From the venue to the color scheme, the couple will select the right [...]

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Interfaith Marriage Invitations

How Will You Present Your Intended Interfaith Wedding to the World?

One of the biggest decisions you will make before your wedding is your save the date card, your wedding invitation, and when it comes to the matter of interfaith marriage invitations it can be confusing to choose the right scheme and colors to set the tone that you’re hoping for. There are many online sites [...]

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Hindu Marriage Invites

Marriage Means Big Business in India

There is no doubt it when it comes to marriage in India it is big business. It starts with a multitude of pre-wedding parties and dinners and doesn’t end until well after the wedding with more of the same. While there may be the ultra-rich who go over the top with exotic locations, massive guest [...]

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Sikh Marriage Invites

Choosing Your Sikh Wedding Invitation

An Indian wedding is most often a joyous affair at which all the guests are made to feel like family and the planning and preparation begins months in advance. The wedding invitation is not just to announce the fact of the wedding and the date, but to let everyone know that their presence is requested [...]

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Designer Indian Wedding Invitations

Why Buy Your Indian Wedding Invites On-Line?

Every wedding is special, when you are talking about Indian weddings then you are reminded of not only love, happiness, and close knit family ties, but also the rich culture to be celebrated. Every bride and groom want their wedding to be perfect from the engagement party, to the “I do’s,” and most particularly the [...]

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