scroll wedding invites

Pick the Right Scroll Wedding Invites to Tie Together Your Big Day

Getting married is an incredibly exciting time, but one that also requires you to make a lot of decisions. Everything can be personalized, from your cake to your flowers, and even your wedding invites. At Regal Cards we understand that by choosing components that fit together, you can create a dream day that is unmistakably [...]

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Laser Cut Invitation Cards

Set the Tone of Your Wedding with Amazing Laser Cut Invitation Cards

From the time that you get engaged to the moment that your guests have gone home after your reception, you are the center of your family and friend’s attention. No matter your personality–quiet, reserved, or the life of the party–everyone that loves you will want to see you express your personality and create the day [...]

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Multifaith Marriage Invites

Multifaith Marriage Invites for Your Wedding!

Multi faith marriage invites for your wedding are the ideal way to represent both the bride and the groom’s faith or belief system. Today you do not have to choose one faith or the other to be the focus of your wedding, you can do your wedding your way. Multi faith marriage invites are the [...]

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Laser Cut Wedding Cards

What are Laser Cut Wedding Cards?

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding, including wedding cards. Laser cut wedding cards should be on your radar as you are making choices about your wedding. There are a lot of wedding card options but none as good as the laser cut wedding cards. Thanks to modern technology your [...]

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laser cut invitations

Have You Heard About Laser Cut Invitations?

Choosing the perfect invitations just got easier with laser cut invitations! If you have not discovered this option yet, prepare to be delighted. Laser cut invitations are the perfect option for a wide range of events. They provide you with the vibrant, beautiful designs that you want to use to announce your event and get [...]

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Designer Wedding Invites

3 Reasons to Choose Designer Wedding Invites

Designer wedding invites are the custom options that you want to choose for your wedding invitations. When you are planning a wedding, you have a lot of decisions to make and a lot of things to cross off the “to do” list. Even if you are using a planner for your wedding, ultimately you get [...]

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Muslim Marriage Cards

Wedding invite FAQ: Answers to those stubborn invite questions

So you are all set with your well designed Muslim marriage cards and are wondering how to go about the wedding invitation process. Well, worry not, here are a few answers to questions that might be stubbornly running in your head. When to send This is perhaps the most common dilemma most people face. Send [...]

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Interfaith Marriage Invites

Navigating the sensitive corners of the wedding invite

A well designed wedding invite card will help you through several of the problems brides to be and wedding organizers struggle with when they are organizing weddings. Whether they are Muslim, Christian or interfaith marriage invites, the best should be able to address the following; Dress code Most people get confused over the dress code [...]

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Designer Indian Wedding Cards

Exploring the advantages of the invitation card

Cards will forever remain an important part special occasions. Whether it is the announcing of an event, an invitation or on a gift, nothing expresses the personalized emotion better than those words on a card. This is the biggest advantage of the card culture. Even the most elaborate gift cannot do better than that poignant [...]

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Punjabi Marriage Cards

The wedding stationery checklist: getting the invite just right

There are two sides to the wedding planning coin when it comes to preparing invites; there is the panic and not knowing what to buy on one side, and the feeling of being overwhelmed and wanting every pretty card design in sight on the other side. Without proper planning, it is highly likely that you [...]

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