How a Scroll Invitation Can Provide You with a Unique Invite

A wedding day is a special and unforgettable day in a couple’s life. It is the day they set aside to exchange vows to become husband and wife before their family and friends. Each couple wants their wedding to be unique and a moment they will never forget. There are so many decisions that need [...]

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Why It is Important to Select the Right Wedding Invitation for Your Special Day

When preparing for a wedding, it can be exhilarating for the happy couple as they plan out their special day. Whether they are searching for the perfect venue or selecting the foods that will be severed at the reception. There are numerous details that need to be addressed to ensure the couple has a memorable [...]

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Multifaith Wedding Invites

How to Select Wedding Invitations for Couples with Different Cultural Traditions

When a couple gets married, their ceremony is often centered around their religious and cultural beliefs. This is a special moment when they embrace their cultural traditions during the wedding. However, not all groom and bride-to-be come from the same cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs. Their traditions may vary, especially with the type of ceremony [...]

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Islamic Wedding Invites

How an Islamic Invite Can Help You Announce Your Special Day with Style

A wedding ceremony is a treasured event in a couple’s life, it is the ritual performed to bind two people together as man and wife. A special occasion when two individuals will start their journey as a married couple. With such a special day, it is important to plan the wedding of their dreams to [...]

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Sikh Wedding Invites

Create More than Sikh Wedding Invites-Create a Keepsake

The excitement of a wedding shouldn’t end after the last guest has left the reception and the happy couple has left for their honeymoon. While for many newlyweds, this is the end of their celebration, you can ensure that your guests still talk about your wedding for a long time after the day. The best [...]

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Designer Marriage Invites

Why Designer Marriage Invites Matter

Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect, but some don’t realize that the preparation for the day of their dreams begins with selecting their wedding invitations. Far from being pieces of paper with information that your guests will need to know, wedding invitations are a way to showcase your personality, set the tone for [...]

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scroll wedding invites

Pick the Right Scroll Wedding Invites to Tie Together Your Big Day

Getting married is an incredibly exciting time, but one that also requires you to make a lot of decisions. Everything can be personalized, from your cake to your flowers, and even your wedding invites. At Regal Cards we understand that by choosing components that fit together, you can create a dream day that is unmistakably [...]

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Laser Cut Invitation Cards

Set the Tone of Your Wedding with Amazing Laser Cut Invitation Cards

From the time that you get engaged to the moment that your guests have gone home after your reception, you are the center of your family and friend’s attention. No matter your personality–quiet, reserved, or the life of the party–everyone that loves you will want to see you express your personality and create the day [...]

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Multifaith Marriage Invites

Multifaith Marriage Invites for Your Wedding!

Multi faith marriage invites for your wedding are the ideal way to represent both the bride and the groom’s faith or belief system. Today you do not have to choose one faith or the other to be the focus of your wedding, you can do your wedding your way. Multi faith marriage invites are the [...]

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Laser Cut Wedding Cards

What are Laser Cut Wedding Cards?

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding, including wedding cards. Laser cut wedding cards should be on your radar as you are making choices about your wedding. There are a lot of wedding card options but none as good as the laser cut wedding cards. Thanks to modern technology your [...]

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