Sikh Marriage Invites

Sikh marriage invites – The one wedding invitation you must choose

As soon as you decide to say yes to the biggest question in your life, you recognize there is a lot more to planning a wedding than just picking out a day, venue and dress. You will surely find yourself unexpectedly bombarded with one million things to do. The learning curve can be gigantic, but [...]

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Scroll Marriage Invitations

Be different by choosing scroll marriage invitations

Scroll marriage invitations have become very popular these days due to the ever changing fashion and trends. Modernization has a very strong effect on it. One such fashion is in the turf of marriage invites. Scroll invites were used in the ancestral times but now they are again back in the market with a thump. [...]

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Interfaith Wedding Invites

Interfaith wedding invites – a beautiful consolidation of two faiths

Love has no boundaries and breaks the barriers of caste, social status and religion. When this culminates into marriage, it is truly an occasion to celebrate grandly! Planning an interfaith marriage needs to be done with a lot of care as there are various beliefs and sentiments that play a major role. An interfaith marriage [...]

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Punjabi Marriage Invites

Punjabi marriage invites – the most exquisite among all

If you have organized a wedding celebration with the best possible food items, best possible decoration and venue, it all should certainly reflect through wedding cards that you send to your family, friends and relatives to invite them for the marriage. Generally, the Punjabi marriage cards are considered to be very colorful and the most [...]

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Silk wedding invites

Keep it classy with Sikh wedding invites

Every match made in heaven needs a wedding day that doles out elegance and vogue in spades. Wedding invites play an integral part in making this a reality. A unique wedding invite with resplendent details is on every soon to be wedded couple’s bucket list. Regal Cards takes up each invite project with the same [...]

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Muslim wedding invites

Muslim wedding invites- make your day even more special

Weddings and the quintessence that goes into making that day fairy tale worthy takes meticulous efforts. Brides dream up and chalk up a storm. Weddings are incomplete without your loved ones. Wedding invites crafted to perfection and catering to your whims are of utmost importance. Every wedding couple harbors the need to make it extra [...]

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Punjabi wedding invites

Punjabi wedding invites- every invitation matters

When we think Punjabi Weddings, swanky, over the top and ostentatious are the staple notions. Wedding invites are that special medium we use to invite our loved ones and announce to the world about you decision. It is that treasured keepsake that will always rank amongst the top most special days of your life list. [...]

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Indian wedding invites

Indian wedding invites- everything should be done in style

We often hear people use the term the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Every big fat Indian wedding requires a wedding invite that matches its scale of elegance and style. It is that perfect medium that will announce to the world and your loved ones about your special day. The grandiosity of every Indian wedding is [...]

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Themed Wedding Cards

Tips for Choosing a Service for Your Themed Wedding Cards

You have finally set a date for your wedding and congratulations are in order. You have talked to everyone from the florist to the caterer and are now trying to decide which service to use to print your themed wedding cards to send out to your family and friends. With that in mind, read on [...]

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Muslim Marriage Invites

Tips for Selecting Muslim Marriage Invites

Since Muslims get married in the custom of Islam, they have a custom of sending out custom, and elegant Muslim marriage invites so that the invitees can come and spend time with the happy couple and bless the couple as well. These same invites can help a Muslim couple announce the marriage of their child [...]

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