4 Tips to Help Design Islamic Wedding Invitation Cards

Planning a Muslim wedding? If so, you’ll have a great deal to handle, but you cannot forget about the invitations. Of course, there’s a lot that goes into designing Islamic wedding invitation cards, and it’s essential that they are done correctly the first time. Below, we’ll discuss four important tips to ensure that you’re able … Read more

Understanding Your Options in Indian Wedding Cards

Will you or your child be celebrating a wedding? Looking for a way to tie a modern ceremony in with Indian cultural traditions? If so, Indian wedding cards can be an ideal option. Of course, wedding invitations are quite common today, so it’s important to understand the options available to you, as well as what … Read more

Why Buy Your Indian Wedding Invites On-Line?

Every wedding is special, when you are talking about Indian weddings then you are reminded of not only love, happiness, and close knit family ties, but also the rich culture to be celebrated. Every bride and groom want their wedding to be perfect from the engagement party, to the “I do’s,” and most particularly the … Read more

Choosing Your Sikh Wedding Invitation

An Indian wedding is most often a joyous affair at which all the guests are made to feel like family and the planning and preparation begins months in advance. The wedding invitation is not just to announce the fact of the wedding and the date, but to let everyone know that their presence is requested … Read more

Benefits of Wedding Cards vs. Formal Invitations

Planning a wedding is an intricate process, and one of the many decisions you have to make is whether you want to send out wedding cards or formal invitations. The differences between the two types of announcements are not necessarily common knowledge, which makes the benefits of using cards under-appreciated. Cards, unlike wedding invitations, are … Read more

Unique Invitation Ideas

When you’re excited about your wedding, you want your guests to share that excitement. When you send out a plane looking invitation, it doesn’t give your guests much of a sense of the wedding. In contrast, a creative and cute invitation will surprise them and interest them in what’s to come. There are a lot … Read more